Children & Pastoral Care

The School was inspected by four members of the Education and Training Inspectorate during December 2008 and by eight members of the Education and Training Inspectorate in October 2010.  The Inspectorate also visited again in June 2017. These visits included full inspections of our pastoral care, safeguarding and child protection procedures, as well as surveying the school's provision with regard to standards in Literacy and Numeracy, the quality of Leadership and Management and how we cater for the emotional health and well-being of our pupils. The following comments are taken from the formal, written reports:

'The outstanding quality of the pastoral care arrangements .....'
'The high level of commitment given by the staff to the children's emotional health and well-being .....'
'The excellent communication between the principal, the staff and the parents ....'
'The effective leadership'
'The outstanding attainments in mental mathematics'
'The children's behaviour is exemplary'
'The school is meeting very effectively the educational and pastoral needs of the learners ....'

No follow up inspections were deemed necessary. 

Teachers work closely together in consultation with parents to ensure the welfare of children in the school. Parents are urged to discuss any matters of concern with staff whenever they feel this is advisable. Parents are strongly urged to discuss such matters with the class teacher in the first instance; often potential problems can be avoided if they are dealt with quickly. The Principal will be pleased to see parents to discuss any matters of concern at any time, although it is advised to make an appointment if a lengthy discussion is needed. The exact procedures for dealing with safeguarding and child protection concerns are on display throughout the school and parents are frequently reminded about such procedures through literature sent home. 

A comprehensive Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy is in place based on the Department of Education's 2017/04 Circular and reflective of the update in September 2019 (and associated guidance). The school has appointed two designated teachers for Child Protection (Mrs Keys and Mr Glass) and has a safeguarding team which involves the principal, staff and a designated governor.

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